Statement & About

Nearly all that is available to be seen goes unnoticed, especially those things that apparently seem the same from day to day. We habituate to them. They become invisible. If we are not careful, we might sleepwalk through life from one event to another, chasing the ‘spectacular’, the ‘beautiful’, the ‘eventful’, the things that always get noticed, things that demand attention. But most of our waking time is not of such moments. It is made up of … well, it’s hard to describe as there is no substance to this time. It’s an interstitial world between events, a world of spaces where we can choose to notice. If ‘reality’ is simply that which we notice, then inattentiveness makes our world that much smaller.

I principally work with film and print in my darkroom. Occasionally this involves one of the historic techniques like Bromoil or Salt when I feel that this affords the expression that I seek.

Good photographs come to you if you are in the right frame of mind. The span of time from arriving at an auspicious place to pressing the camera shutter is like breathing. There is no effort, no particular thought. It is hard to describe but the closest that I can come is that taking a photograph is like the world expressing itself through my camera shutter. It sort of just happens. It sounds mysterious, and I think it is mysterious. This is principally why I do photography. There is something about the act of taking a photograph that is insistent like waves continually washing up against a shore.

Local woods, Ilford HP5 film, developed in a pyro developer and printed on Ilford MGWT, toned in selenium and thiocarbamide