Hallowed Camp #15 – George Davison

Today, I spent an absorbing hour reading about George Davison. I was reminded of his famous picture, ‘The Onion Field’. Taken with a pinhole camera and printed on rough paper, Davison was a wonderful photographer of the ‘fuzzy school’.

George Davison ‘The Onion Field’, Mersea, Essex 1890.
George Davison, ‘Landscape’ 1910.

Davison is reported to have said: ‘ …given a subject with really strong poetic possibilities in it, sharpness and detail will go a long way to render it commonplace.’ Hahaha!


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    Mike Dec 28, 2021

    Wow you’ve introduced me to a photographer I was unaware of. Love it thanks. The onion field was taken not to far from where I live

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      Sidewayseye Dec 28, 2021

      Thanks, would be interesting to see what it looks like now!

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    PHILIP MOTTRAM Apr 30, 2023

    Your comments on the “fuzzy school” reminded me of Derek Parfitt and the mists and snows of Oxford, Venice and St Petersburg. Is there a connection? Philip

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      Sidewayseye Apr 30, 2023

      No connection.I understand that dear Derek hardly left All Souls other than to take pictures in Venice and St Petersburg.

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